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The Top Advantages of XHTML5

Code quality assurance

Due to the strict nature of the browser when parsing XHTML5 any errors or broken code will immediately case an error to show in the browser.

In other standards the browser will accept broken code without warning the developer. This often leads to cross browser bugs and broken pages on browsers that have not been tested. high quality well formed XHTML5 is more likely to work consistently across browsers and platforms as well as to be indexed correctly by search engines.

Makes validation and accessibility easier to implement.

Since the browser will not render invalid XHTML5 it is possible for it to validate on the first try rather than having to go back and correct many errors that were not apparent before validation.


Unread messages piling up?

I confess I’ve been ignoring thousands of unread spam email message in my Gmail account for years. This has caused long term annoyance, since how to get rid of all those unwanted messages is not immediately apparent.

Using the steps below I have finally been able to clear all the unwanted unread emails from my Gmail inbox:

1. Login to Gmail from a browser.
2. Add ‘is:unread’ to the search box and click the search button.