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How to use WordPress Post Slugs to generate permalinks

Wordpress Permalink Post Slug
For a very long time now we have been looking for a method to get permalinks from our Worpress database. We searched on Google for everything we could think of, find WordPress permalinks in database, WordPress MySQL permalinks and so on. We searched on this issues for many months to now avail.

We found out the the post title is stored in a ‘slug’ in the database so we tried to access ‘post_slug’, but this is not a field name in the posts table.


Twitter bans users without notice

We are not used to being noobies anywhere on the web, but after starting our Twitter account we found we had a lot to learn.

We signed up and logged into our new Twitter account and wanted to test our blog’s Retweet counters. Unfortunately we were unaware of the rules on Twitter, our testing posts must have been considered spam since our account was banned by Twitter.

There was no notice from Twitter via email or on our Twitter home page or anywhere as far as we could see. We assumed since the counts on our retweet buttons where not increasing our counters where broken. Not thinking for a minute it was Twiiter’s fault, we reinstalled the Worpress retweet plugin, and even tried swapping the retweet plugin out with other plugins that do the same thing. All to no avail, the counts remain at zero no matter how many times we tweeted. Our tweets seemed to be working and were being shown on our Twitter home page.


How to add and position Retweet and Facebook share buttons for the WordPress blog

A great way to increase interest in and awareness of your blog is to add Retweet and Facebook Share buttons. This allows readers to easily share posts they enjoy or find interesting or important with the friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter.

These buttons can be added easily to a WordPress blog using WordPress plugins. The plugins used on this site to add Twitter and Facebook share buttons are the Topsy Retweet Button and the Facebook Share (New) Button. These plugins can be installed from the Add New Plugins page in the WordPress admin panel or downloaded and installed with an ftp client.


Solution for 403 forbidden error

We noticed there are times when a site is running well and then someone at the hosting company decides it’s time to tighten security. When that happens on a site that has the server configured to parse html for php, it can result in a 403 forbidden error.

This error can also occur in several other causes such as when using cgi or other executable files.


Add Mac OS X Aqua theme to Ubuntu Linux and enjoy

Mac OS Aqua Theme For Ubuntu Linux

We wanted to spread the word about Mac4Lin or Mac for Linux. Apple was wise to begin basing new versions of its operating systems on Linux. This new Mac platform will certainly give Microsoft a run for its money.

Our testing has shown that Ubuntu Linux and the Mac OS are very similar. We recently found that you can make your copy of Ubuntu look and perform almost identically to the Mac OS.

The results are very pleasing, we love the wobbly windows and the general look of this theme. It looks just like the Mac Aqua theme. We are tempted to start offering custom built systems with the Mac OS themed Ubuntu preloaded as the operating system.


Linksys cable modem stands the test of time

Linksys BEFCMU10 Version: 3 Cable Modem

The Linksys BEFCMU10 version 3 cable modem was our solution to a strange bandwidth problem. We noticed our Internet was impossibly slow at certain times of the day. Charter Communications (ISP at that time) sent techs to diagnose the problem, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The signal was fine, they even swapped modems with another one they had with them.

This had us stumped until we realized there had been large powerful thunderstorms in the area around the time we started to notice the trouble with our bandwidth. Turns out the Charter techs had swapped my fried modem with another one that the storms had fried. So both had the same low (made dialup seem fast) bandwidth.


The new Google Chrome Browser and Operating System – Chrome OS

Google Chrome

With the new Google Chrome OS about to be released on netbooks everywhere, we thought it would be a good idea to get a copy to setup a testing platform. It’s not as easy as we thought it would be though.

When we found out about the new Google Chrome OS being available for download as a VirtualBox image we downloaded it immediately. We have been hoping to setup a Chrome OS as a testing platform ever since we heard about its existence.