Modern Browsers
If you’ve been putting off updating your web browser we hope you’ll take a look at some reasons why you might want to try out the latest browsers.

The biggest reason you’ll need to update your browser is functionality. Many new websites and web applications will simply not allow you to use your old browser with their services. You might notice you’re not able to do some of the things you used to do if a website you’ve been using for years is updated with new technology that your current browser can’t handle.

We can make any website work and look the same on all operating systems and browsers, but depending on how old the browser is we might need to make more adjustments to the HTML and CSS. Some new technologies are simply not possible to support on the older browsers, if a web developer would like to use some more advanced technology, there is a risk that older browser won’t handle it. This leads to developers moving forward and those who either cannot or have not updated their browsers might get left behind.

On the other hand, most people are looking for the latest and greatest for all the software they use and for browsers it’s probably best to use the most current stable release of your favorite modern browser.

We can build sites that are compatible back to Internet Explorer 5 if necessary, although we hope no one is still using that old of a browser. Many are upgrading or moving away from Internet Explorer all together. We recommend switching to Firfox, simply download and install it:
Firefox is a solid browser, it is usually much more secure than using Internet Explorer for normal web browsing. We recommend using the latest version of Firefox and upgrading often. The update process is automated and simple in the modern versions of Firefox.

Another great modern browser is Google Chrome, it can be downloaded here:

We trust Firefox more, but this article seems to suggest that Chrome might be faster overall:!5457242/browser-speed-tests-firefox-36-chrome-4-opera-105-and-extensions

Other good modern browsers include Safari and Opera, these might be somewhat slower as far as performance, but still much more secure than IE tends to be. Here are the link for downloading:

Of course, if you are forced to use Internet Explorer we recommend using the newest version of that as well:

All of the these browsers can be downloaded free of charge, try out all the newest browsers with your favorite websites and see which browser suits your needs.

Please leave your comments about which browser you recommend and why, thanks. We are always happy to try new browsers.