A very common problem we are seeing with GoDaddy lately is the pageok error. What happens is you see this text:


Directory Size: 17529

Instead of the website that is supposed to be there. Oddly enough the number that it shows for the size seems to be the same regardless of which website you are trying to access. In other words the text is the same in all cases. Although if you are even seeing the ‘pageok’ text you might be helped by this solution.

Searches on the issue turn up many people having the same problem with identical text showing instead of the site they want. Most people had to call GoDaddy support to have the problem corrected. We did find one post which suggested the solution.

GoDaddy Administrative Control Panel

Our testing has shown the solution to this problem to be to go into your GoDaddy Product Dashboard and click on the ‘Name Servers’ button. You then select ‘I want to park my domains.’ Then wait several minutes, maybe 10, and the go back to the ‘Name Servers’ setting and set it to ‘I have a hosting account with these domains.’ Wait another 10 minutes and then try to access the problem website again.

GoDaddy Administrative Control Panel

The issue seems to be incorrect name servers being configured into the DNS records. Even if the name servers seem to be correct in the DNS manager they can apparently still be setup incorrectly and changing these Name Server settings apparently reconfigures the name servers correctly inside the GoDaddy DNS manager.

GoDaddy Administrative Control Panel

It took us a couple of times repeating this process, but it did work. The problem is completely resolved and the website is fully functional.

GoDaddy Administrative Control Panel

Your settings should end up matching the image above ‘I have a hosting account with these domains.’ If you are having this issue and you are not hosting with GoDaddy we recommend checking the ‘Name Servers’ settings in your hosting company’s administrative control panel.