I love the people I work with but if they weren’t there I wouldn’t be able to work there anymore. It’s a very stressful environment but it’s perfect for making friends and a small amount of side cash. I’ll probably be getting another job, just to have two cash inflows. I’m not good at daily blogs. 😂

Fading Heart (this one is a bit longer)

He started out well, at least that’s what everyone thought. He was careful never to show how much his heart was fading not even to close friends and family. It started effecting his eyes first, only he could see the dead stare. He made sure no one else noticed how much he was hurting. The further he went down the dark path, the less he actually cared who he hurt or what happened. All of his friends and family were worried but no one knew what to do with him. The whole time he believed he had a handle on everything. From his perspective not caring didn’t hurt anyone. When in reality it was killing him. He was still technically functioning in society and doing his best to keep everyone happy with him, although he was stressed constantly. So after a while of going on like this he started changing small things and letting the light take back his heart. He almost messed up the best relationship he had ever had because he didn’t care about hurting her. This story isn’t over but as the light starts coming back to him, he started to realize the world isn’t so bad. He learned to do his best in everything he does and stop holding everything in. Everything is temporary and changes. This was just the biggest change he had ever gone through.