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Vonage gives away V-Portal VoIP adaptor free

Vonage V-Portal VDV21-VD
For many years we have been using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology due to the low cost and extensive features. VoIP is perfect for world travelers who want to be able to call friends and relatives from where ever in the world we may roam.

We use VoIP services that allow a standard telephone to route calls over the Internet using a special VoIP adapter. Our old VoIP adapter had been mostly reliable over the years, except for some infrequent issues with calls going directly to voicemail without ringing the phone and trouble calling certain numbers in certain areas of the country. These were minor annoyances, but we wanted to see if there was anything better available, so we decided to take a look.

After finding out that Vonage is currently providing new customers with the V-Portal VDV21-VD at no cost, we signed up.