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You cannot be signed into Skype at this time

We had just started using Skype on an Android mobile phone for mobile video calling and everything was working perfectly. When all of a sudden we started getting this error message when attempting to sign in to Skype:

Cannot connect to Skype
You cannot be signed in at this time.
Please check your mobile network settings and try again.


How to delete messages on Facebook

For a long time we were under the impression that messages could not be deleted on Facebook. But the way to delete them does exist after all, it was just hidden.

When you go to the message listing on Facebook, it says ‘+ New Message’ in the button at the top and the messages each have an ‘x’ to the far right. But that ‘x’ will only archive the message, it doesn’t delete it.

Skype Video Calling from a mobile phone

Some of you have been wondering how to make a video call from the Skype app on a mobile phone. The way to do this did not seem immediately obvious to us either. After some googling and updating the Skype application to the latest version, we have been able to get video calling working on an HTC Evo V 4g and the process should be similar on any mobile phone. A mobile phone with a front facing camera is required.

Make sure the Skype application on your phone is fully up to date by checking in the App store, the basic Skype app is free. Then sign in to Skype or create a new account if you don’t have one:

SVG Edit is an Open Sourced Online SVG Editor

Creating SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) paths is very complex. Most tutorials recommend using an SVG Editor. If you’re looking for one we recommend using SVG Edit it’s an open sourced online SVG editor that can be used to easily created and edit SVG paths.