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Latest Google algorithm change called Medic update

Google released it latest algorithm update on August 1, 2018. According to MarieHaynes.com, who was one of the first to report the recent Google algorithm change, this update seem to have effect sites that have anything to do with medical issues. Dieting, nutrition, fitness programs and many of the sites selling products and services related to health have seen dramatic fluctuations in ranking on Google.

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Jesus will save all humans

Having been raised in church I’ve finally realized I am not a Christian. Even though I try to follow Jesus, I can’t call myself a Christian. My beliefs are far from what anyone might call Christian. I don’t believe any religion or belief has the power to save anyone. I know Jesus is the One who saves.

I wanted to share these Scriptures which very clearly indicate that Jesus will redeem all human beings:

John 12:30-32

John 12:30-32 New International Version (NIV)
30 Jesus said, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine. 31 Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out. 32 And I, when I am lifted up[a] from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

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The Top Advantages of XHTML5

Code quality assurance

Due to the strict nature of the browser when parsing XHTML5 any errors or broken code will immediately case an error to show in the browser.

In other standards the browser will accept broken code without warning the developer. This often leads to cross browser bugs and broken pages on browsers that have not been tested. high quality well formed XHTML5 is more likely to work consistently across browsers and platforms as well as to be indexed correctly by search engines.

Makes validation and accessibility easier to implement.

Since the browser will not render invalid XHTML5 it is possible for it to validate on the first try rather than having to go back and correct many errors that were not apparent before validation.

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Unread messages piling up?

I confess I’ve been ignoring thousands of unread spam email message in my Gmail account for years. This has caused long term annoyance, since how to get rid of all those unwanted messages is not immediately apparent.

Using the steps below I have finally been able to clear all the unwanted unread emails from my Gmail inbox:

1. Login to Gmail from a browser.
2. Add ‘is:unread’ to the search box and click the search button.
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Jesus versus Idols

I confess I have a tendency to make an idol out of almost anything. By that I mean I will put that thing I want above other more important things. Money is a good example, I will try to get and keep money at the expense of almost any other area of my life. If someone needed something from me, well I had to work so I couldn’t help.

I don’t see that when I read about the life of Jesus in the bible. Although it doesn’t say much about His life before He started His ministry, is it possible there was a time in Jesus’ life that work kept Him too busy to help someone? Did that happen on one occasion or many? In my own life I know it happens all the time.

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Jesus is the reason this website exists

I need to shift gears here a little. I’ve been running and maintaining this website for many years. It has always been my strong desire to use this as a platform to discuss Jesus.

I met Jesus about 2 and a half years after graduating college. I had a very high GPA during school and was expected to be successful immediately after graduation. My trust in my education was severely misplaced, I was unable to find work for 2 and a half years in Michigan during a severe recession. My illusions of grandeur were shattered and I felt like my life was completely worthless.

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What is XHTML5?

Simply put XHTML5 is the latest standard of HTML that is realistically achievable at the time of this writing. Also known as Polyglot HTML5, XHTML5 is a robust implementation of the HTML5 standard. Essentially it is HTML5 delivered with the content type of “application/xhtml+xml”, which will not work on all browsers. Which is what the polyglot part is about, the server will decide which content type should be sent to allow backward compatibility.

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when you cant get to play minecraft longer than 2 min

when you cant play minecraft longer than 2 min you should exit in game the hole window on a new world

You cannot be signed into Skype at this time

We had just started using Skype on an Android mobile phone for mobile video calling and everything was working perfectly. When all of a sudden we started getting this error message when attempting to sign in to Skype:

Cannot connect to Skype
You cannot be signed in at this time.
Please check your mobile network settings and try again.

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How to delete messages on Facebook

For a long time we were under the impression that messages could not be deleted on Facebook. But the way to delete them does exist after all, it was just hidden.

When you go to the message listing on Facebook, it says ‘+ New Message’ in the button at the top and the messages each have an ‘x’ to the far right. But that ‘x’ will only archive the message, it doesn’t delete it.
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